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2009-09-26 uriel Added tag LATEST-RELEASE for changeset 72c0215b5814default tip
2009-09-26 uriel New releaseLATEST-RELEASE
2009-10-01 uriel Implement Russ' suggestion to map Tab to real tabs inside text areas.0.2
2009-09-13 uriel Added tag LATEST-RELEASE for changeset 7f108fddaa02
2009-09-13 uriel New release
2009-09-04 uriel Minor comment clarifications.0.1
2009-06-24 uriel Make jslint happy.
2009-06-24 uriel Fix bugs, handle corner cases properly, treat \t and \n as word delimiters, etc.
2009-06-23 uriel Support textarea and other minor improvements.
2009-06-22 uriel Implement proper handling of most Unix keybindings, including ^A, ^W, ^E and ^U.
2009-06-21 uriel Add readme.
2009-06-21 uriel Initial commit, very basic functionality.