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2009-11-23 Uriel Set version to 9.default tip
2009-11-23 Uriel Add a couple of useful redirect hacks.
2009-11-23 Uriel Add a few more possible favicons.
2009-11-01 Uriel Merge tags.
2009-11-01 Uriel Redesign backend, now we store lists of 'packed' binary ip+port strings, and use them as keys too for 'peers' which only contain a flag indicating they are alive.
2009-10-30 Uriel Added tag LATEST-RELEASE for changeset 1b56826bf16d
2009-10-30 Uriel New releaseLATEST-RELEASE
2009-10-26 Uriel Updates to mestat to make it more reliable in the face of an unreliable memcache.0.9.10
2009-10-26 Uriel Fix nasty bug that was making us update peer list on every query. Be more strict validating input. Do not delete self for per result list (waste some bw to save a shred of cpu). Other minor cleanups.
2009-10-25 Uriel Merge tags.
2009-10-25 Uriel Redirect more stupid requests for silly addresses.
2009-10-25 Uriel Be more strict about catching invalid ports.
2009-10-25 Uriel Change header bg color.
2009-10-21 Uriel Added tag LATEST-RELEASE for changeset 6decbc5ded9f
2009-10-21 Uriel New release
2009-10-21 Uriel Merge tags.0.9.9
2009-10-21 Uriel Implement compact mode! Still somewhat experimental, but seems to work.
2009-10-11 Uriel Replace braindead windows fileendings.
2009-10-11 Uriel Minor html updates.
2009-10-08 Uriel Added tag LATEST-RELEASE for changeset e620d95a63f8
2009-10-08 Uriel New release
2009-10-08 uriel Add comment with suggestion for more efficient leccher/seeder tracking.0.9
2009-10-07 uriel Fix many brown-paper-bag bugs in new seeder/leecher accounting code.
2009-10-07 uriel Clean up comments and some disabled code.
2009-10-07 uriel New global ERRORS flag, if False, on error cases we don't bother returning anything to the client.
2009-10-07 uriel Make interval more easily configurable via global variable.
2009-10-07 uriel Fix new CSS stylesheet references in new index.html
2009-10-07 uriel Implement optional complete/incomplete (seeders/leechers) tracking.
2009-10-07 uriel Update html.
2009-10-04 uriel Very minor HTML and docstrings updates.
2009-10-04 uriel Readme update.
2009-10-01 uriel Merge tags.
2009-10-01 uriel Update index.html.
2009-09-24 uriel Added tag LATEST-RELEASE for changeset e917e54af299
2009-09-24 uriel New release
2009-09-27 uriel Clarify doc string.0.3
2009-09-27 uriel Fix various serious bugs in the new pickle-less implementation. Seems to work great now.
2009-09-26 uriel Readme updates and fixes.
2009-09-26 uriel Bypass memcache's pickling and unpiclking. Id peers by a hash of ip+port. Other minor improvements and deletion of unused code.
2009-09-25 uriel Disable profiling by default.
2009-09-25 uriel Fix mestat.
2009-09-18 uriel Fix display proportionality, and use minutes in the age scale.
2009-09-18 uriel Merge tags
2009-09-18 uriel Update mestat
2009-09-18 uriel Added tag LATEST-RELEASE for changeset 883bc88f9b36
2009-09-18 uriel New release
2009-09-18 uriel Alpha 40.2
2009-09-18 uriel Add profiling code.
2009-09-18 uriel Add mestat, tune interval and map scrap to null.
2009-09-14 uriel Remove debug, obsolete and unused code, should not change anything in pracice other than perhaps save some cpu and memory.
2009-09-14 uriel Fix typo.
2009-09-14 uriel If event=stopped remove client from memcached. Also comment out some debug code, plus return on error instead of sending an error message to save bw and cpu. Tune interval and number of returned peers values.
2009-09-14 uriel Handle confused requests for /announceannounce, we should probably give a warning in such cases.
2009-09-14 uriel Update main html page.
2009-09-13 uriel Reject requests with keys longer than >128. Triple number of returned peers, and cut in half the interval, mostly to stress test app engine.
2009-09-13 uriel Add some extra notes to readme.
2009-09-13 uriel Disable scrape url for now.
2009-09-13 uriel Redirect /announce to / if no query string args are given.
2009-09-12 uriel Minor formating changes to app.yaml
2009-09-12 uriel Remove hack that ensured we put ints in ports even when cache had been filled with the wrong type.